Tuesday, 28 November 2017


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The Shaman strode forth onto the balcony, feeling the icy winds whip past his muzzle and through his fur. The cold didn’t bite into his flesh, for he was a Frosmery, a towering race of bear-like people. They lived in the frozen north of Elsinqart, cutting into the mountains to form their citadel cities. The Shaman looked out onto the region controlled and protected by Ginta Citadel. The Ginta mountain range was among the tallest of the Frosmery controlled mountains, second to Kiracus Citadel on the Laughing Isle.

It was two moons until the Frosmery New Year, Apex Day, a day set by the sun reaching its highest point in the sky, and the year was 1349. The continent of Elsinqart, as the Frosmery had called it, had enjoyed centuries of peace, as the only known cultured peoples were the Frosmery and the fearsome Ceratok to the sun scorched south.